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Nice work! Truly a professional looking video and produced song. I like the melody and the lyrics. The vocal performance is outstanding. How long did it take to recorded and mix the song? Who did the video?

Would you give my home grown song a listen?

Thank you! The song took about a day to record and a week or so to mix with my producer in AZ. The video was done by yellowboxfilms in Arizona!
Cool, man. I dig it.

As someone that just moved to Arizona from Washington state, it's awesome to find some new music.
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I saw Pantera live once, Dime changed into a body bag right there on stage.

Out of all the videos I have ever run across on this site, this one is the cleanest and also quite the departure from the norm. Pop-ish stuff is not something you typically find here. I thought it was really good! The vocals really carry it. Your vocal tone is great and works well for the song.

The video was also VERY well done. Amazing stuff! Honestly I assumed this was just a spam account to push a pro-artist haha.

C4C? https://soundcloud.com/jeremy-curtis-5/if-you-ever-loved-me