Hello !

My problem is that my focusrite scarlett solo is recognized by my computer and works fine with guitar rig but the sound card isn't recognize as a audio device.

I looked into the peripheral management and there're three devices "Scarlett Solo USB" and "USB Audio Root" those two works but there's also the device "FocusriteUSB" and this one doesn't work i try to reboot and reinstall but it don't work.
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In Reaper what is the audio output called, is it "Scarlett Solo USB" or "FocusriteUSB"?
If it is the second that you say doesn't sound through Windows you might've ticked a setting (or could be activated as default) where it makes Reaper make exclusive use of that interface and lock other apps when Reaper is open. So reboot and without opening Reaper, go to Windows settings and make the "FocusriteUSB" the default and try to play something as say Youtube and see if it comes through the right output. The Focusrite interfaces should also have their own panel in the system tray, not sure what could be done through there but you could possible tinker with some of these settings.

How to make audio interface default in Win:

in Playback set the device you want as the default, don't open Reaper first as it could take over the interface!