Hello, I just recently bought an early 80s gibson les paul from craigslist. It won't stay tuned and the 3rd fret high e string doesn't make a noise when I play it just kinda Thuds and when I get to like 15th fret or higher does the same. Does anyone know what would cause this?
Best you can do is to find out where is a good guitar's restoration shop and depends on what do you want your axe to be and your budget, well let the shop know what is it and they will make it great again

Otherwise if you have the tools and like to work with wood, there is a lot of videos on youtube on how to fix the fretboard, wills guitars have good step by step on it
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cowjut11 it needs some work, probably a truss rod adjustment or string height adjustment from the saddle. Often gibsons have cheap tuners and low slotted nuts; they are notorious for the g string going out of tune. I have owned an lp for about 17 years, changing the tuners helped( i think they are grovers), but what REALLY made a difference was replacing the nut during my last refret job. Basically, you should take it to a tech, or learn some rudimentary maintenance. Don't get discouraged! Invest a little $ to get it up to snuff, and you will have a guitar that is good for a lifetime!