Finally have enough money to buy a decent amp, only thing is I don't know what I should I be looking for. I want something for noise pop, shoegaze, trip-hop, dream pop, something that holds a lot pedals well, and one I can get great cleans out of and varying degrees of dirt I've had my eye on the AC30 for a while, but not sure if that's the best route.
millsjonah How clean are you needing? Are you needing loud squeaky clean-cleans, unmic'd, in a band situation? AC30's do cleans but their band-volume cleans are maybe a bit dirty for some uses, dependent upon the user, venue, and the AC30 model. If you are recording/using mics to PA live though, an AC30 would be a great option for you as you can let the PA do the heavy lifting. Really anytime where you are having to push your AC30 into saturation just to get enough volume, you may need to be using PA support anyway to properly fill the venue.

Where is your budget? If below $1k USD, You can find a used C2 or CC2 for reasonable prices, > $800 USD. Try to find models with Celestion Blues in them as they are an integral part of the VOX sound, and their higher efficiency over other speakers will score you some extra volume. With those models though you may feel led to clip a bright cap to help it take pedals better, it is a very easy mod. If your budget is above $1k, you might could look into some of the HW models or even some of the older 90's UK-made AC30 6/TB (AC30TBX). However the 90's models do not have a master volume, and there is really no "quiet" setting for it.

If you are needing squeaky-clean cleans at band volumes unmic'd, you may want to look into some of Fender's higher-wattage offerings, like the Deville 2x12.
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If you want a great clean amp that is a nice pedal platform I would suggest a George Benson Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. Alternatively, get a regular HRD and put a Jensen C12k speaker (the one found in the George Benson model). This amp has great cleans and I never played another amp that takes pedals this well especially modulation. For various dirt sounds simply get more pedals.

Having said that, I think Vox AC15/AC30s are great amps. They have a few great sounds but I find Fender and Marshall amps more versatile.