Wondering what you think about the correct pick angle when looking at it from the player's vantage point. I think most agree that when looking down from the headstock, the pick should be angled, but what's the conventional thinking on straight vs. angled from the player's viewpoint? I can get along fine with both, but wondering what the gurus say are the pros and cons of each. See pics below -- Option #1 or Option #2?

There really is no "correct" way to hold your pick as it's all subjective to each player. What works for you may not work for some and so on, maybe you don't even use a pick.

But for me, I don't think I've ever looked and examined the angle I hold the pick. What ever feels comfortable/natural is how it should be and don't get caught up on correct vs comfort.
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I agree esky15! There is no correct way. I hold the pick differently depending on what I'm doing - strumming, speed picking, pick harmonics, mute-picking, sweep-picking, etc. In each instance I hold the pick differently. But I never really think about it. I do what feels natural.