First instrumental I've done in awhile.
Bit melodic/piano stuff towards the end to change it up a bit.


Hey mate, I'm a big fan of thrash so it was fun listening to this. Intro riff reminds me of a groovier/slower Slayer. I felt like the transition between the tom groove and straight beat was a bit non-existent. Would be nice to have a bar of silence or a single snare hit with guitars or something like that. The (first) breakdown reminded me of the one in Born by Nevermore, which sounds really cool BTW. The diminished riff that follows is also pretty awesome but the tempo change that follows wasn't too smooth either IMO, and the second breakdown gets a bit annoying.

I'm not really a fan of the piano outro, it comes off as too disconnected from the rest of the track, however that outro solo was most beautifully composed and played. I think some occasional harmonisation would help you spice it up a little too. I would split these into two tracks and expand upon the ideas in them. Or perhaps rehash some of the ideas in the first part in the second. Create a melody for the first part and then modulate it for the second part with the piano. That would connect things quite nicely. Overall, I think you have some nice ideas but some work could be done in making transitions better and connecting ideas in a more cohesive manner.

I never commented on the mix until now, it's pretty good. I think the guitars probably sound a pinch too grainy for my liking but it's probably a matter of taste. Whatever you're doing to the drums, keep doing it. They sound fantastic, the snare and kick have a lot of punch.

Would appreciate it if you could C4C. This is more proggy but there are definitely heavier parts.

Betray the Implication lays down an impeccable groove. I'm digging this track. You seem to have great flexibility with shifting between genres and styles. At various points in the track, I hear elements of death metal, progressive metal, djent, and grindcore. Your note choice is superb. There are some very exciting melodies here. The sample at 1:32 was really amusing. The piano section at 1:50 was unexpected (though I did see you mention it in the description). The lead work here is expressive and full of emotion. I felt that the track ended rather abruptly.

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