Just curious if others on here are like me. I never took guitar theory or sit doing an exercist over and over again. I went right into it looking up tabs and playing easy songs. I do am able to play songs entirely. I mean the rhympt guitar section.

I did pick-up some theory along the way such as alternative turning, the freatboard being like a piano.

I think the fun of playing songs and being able to play with others keep me motivated to learn more.
That's exactly the way I learned, and really still am for the most part today. I've picked up some stuff along the way for sure, but nothing major.
You can get a long way with no theory at all. But at some point, you may hit a brick wall, where you plateau, and run out of ideas etc. Depends what you want.

Nothing beats the experience of actually playing music, especially with others. But theory is actually very easy to learn once you cut through all the BS that comes with it. One thing that many many players realise ... you're only as good as your chord knowledge ... but again, depends where you want to be, what genres you like.

One thing worth knowing ... you can play any note against any chord ... you just need to know how to move on if the note choice is a clash (deliberate or accidental). The only thing that will get you in trouble is if you play a clashing note, and just leave it ringing. Never end a lick on a clashing note. Other than that, go for it.
Theory is of barely any use if you simply plan on covering songs forever. Anyone can learn a song with tab or by ear etc without theory. However, if you want to be able to improvise and write music, then theory becomes very important because it helps you naviguate the clutter of available options.