Hello GG&A, I recently purchased a used GCB-95 "first Wah I have owned" and it seems to functions correctly "kinda".
What I mean by this is it really pulls the tone out of the amp so much that it sounds like u
have pulled all the middle sliders of an EQ pedal all the way down. Also when using Overdrive it reduces the gain tremendously.
the adapter that was sold with it was not the right polarity " + inner lug - outter lug "

My question is how do other players run there wah and still maintain their overdrive and most of their EQ?
or could this pedal be damaged in some way due to the adapter polarity?

pedal chain = guitar-tuner-wah-overdrive

thx for any reply's
The original Crybaby has a buffer in it that's infamous for doing what you're describing. It massively sucks tone by taking all the treble and midrange out of the guitar signal. Even when the pedal is switched off.

There are 2 ways to fix it. Either upgrade to a better wah pedal that's either true bypass or has a much higher quality buffer in it. Or a very popular mod with that pedal is to convert it to run true bypass, thus cutting the buffer section of the pedal out altogether.
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ok thx for the advice looks like i will be doing a little modding might as well put a Led in too.
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gocosfs From what I understand the True Bypass mods are not silly difficult, but if you wanted to save some trouble and find another wah with TB (and also an LED) on the cheap, I have been using a Modtone Vintage Wah and it has worked for me. The only concern is the switch "ker-chunk" feels a little off but it is usable.

Now if you tried using the pedal with the wrong-polarity adapter, you may have damaged something. The "hardwire bypass" as Dunlop calls it does suck tone but I do not think it is as severe as your are describing.
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i doubt that a brief moment reverse polarity would hurt it. even if more its likely fine, i have done that a few times not paying attention and haven't had a problem.
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Mod it to true bypass, make sure to run the wah before OD or distortion.
My board is wah > distortion > overdrive > tuner
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Thx for all the suggestions, hopefully this Bypass mod will take care of it. Didn't pay too much for it so investing a few more $'s isn't going to hurt