Can someone write a vocal tab for Teacher's Pet from the movie school of rock?

I am trying to write a cover for the song Teacher's Pet from the 2003 Movie School of Rock, but I unfortunately cannot find a version that has the full set of vocals tabbed. I myself am not a experienced musician or vocalist so I have been basing my cover around other tabs of the song and changing up solos a tad bit and removing certain things, such as keyboard, and other little things like that. There just simply isn't enough of the vocal track tabbed. If someone could do that and leave a link to it (MediaFire, Dropbox, MEGA, or Google Drive if that's possible, I don't trust anything other than that) I would really really from the bottom of my heart appreciate it. Attached is a tab of the song (not my cover, but it mainly follows that one). If you decide to tab this, I would really love it if you could tab the vocals over it. Also, I want Lead and Backing Vocals, so if those can be tabbed separately I would love that as well, but isn't a requirement if it proves too difficult. Thanks!
School Of Rock - School Of Rock (guitar pro).gp4