This was written about a friend of mine.

If you hear the blowing wind
if you hear the birds that sing
Surely means that he is near
And you'll always have no fear

In the boiling desert heat
If you listen to the beat
Every foot and every mile
You can see his shining smile

On the lake and on the trail
Sends the wind to blow your sail
And When you think you've lost your way
A guiding hand will show the way

With the clouds and with the stars
And with all the hidden scars
You can always win your fight
If you play your hand just right

With every bite and every cast
And every moment that will pass
Keep him always on your mind
He is always by your side

If you're off the beaten path
If you're lost you can just laugh
Take a look up at the skies
Follow the dragonflies
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Nicely done!

Would it be ok if I try to come up with music for your song and post it on youtube? I'm trying to make a video where I compose live for someone's lyrics and see if I have the skill or at least develop it.
Nah. Maybe the next one I post.
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