This is the first song I've released in a long time! I worked hard on the production aspects this time. I also included the stem files so you can try mixing it yourself!

Any crits appreciated

Hey mate, not much of a Djentlemen myself, but I'll try to give you some helpful feedback. The mix and master sounds pretty darn good to me, so I'll see what I can give you in terms of the composition. First, I don't really like the "boxy" structure" of the first two minutes. The way each part connects sounds like they're separate ideas with no relationship. You should try to take elements from the previous riff/melody and incorporate it into the next one. Continue to do this sequentially so that you gradually evolve the piece. I don't really like the clean vocals, they sounded a bit off, and without enough power. Stacking the harsh vocals didn't help either. My favourite part was the riff in the middle (starting around 2:00), of which you did develop gradually right through. In particular, I liked the dissonant lead that came in toward the end over the chuggy bits. The vocals sounded really good in this section.