I'm a hack, and none of this will ever need to leave my basement, so I'd like to do this on the cheap....plus I would like to buy a new practice amp someday.

I have a Boss ME-30 (9v 1.7 mA, 6 aaa) and MXR phase 90 I would like to power without using batteries. Add to that eventually a MXR Blue Box and a Digital Delay or 2 (suggestions welcomed, probably Boss).

Do I need to worry about mA or can I buy a 9v power supply and daisy chain them all together for like $25?

with the delay you might need to keep an eye on the milliamps.

some good links here:



or one from on here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1688869
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Just add up all the milliamps of the pedals and make sure you buy a power supply that is rated higher than that. Thats it. Altough the more pedals you daisychain together, the bigger the chance of hum is.
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tannerduncan Read up here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1688869

The more you daisy chain, the more likely your noise floor will raise. I use a 1-Spot with 10 pedals (including a digital MFX) and do not have issues, but you might. at $25 for a 1-Spot I would say it is worth a try, buy from somewhere you can take it back to. Or you could just have a backup/fly gig power source.
i have four 1spots on different boards, i don't have problems ever,

i also have an isolated power block, which IMO is better, BUT it is the least used. why? 1spots are good enough 90% of the time. the only time the block comes out of the bin is if i am recording.

the guys already touched on it, but make sure to add up the mA and make sure the adapter can handle the current.