Im new to playing guitar (about half a year) but I really got into it and I play a lot every day. I got only acoustic for now but I cant stop dreaming about getting my first electric so I set myself a goal to when Ill allow myself to buy my first electric. When Ill get to that goal I guess I will consider myself as a good player (or at least not a beginner) so my question is when I get to that goal should I still buy beginner's electric guitar or should I buy something more advance? Is there a major diffrence between starting to play acoustic to electric?
Sorry for any english mistakes and HUGE THANKS IN ADVANCE!
Depending on your location you can pick up a mid-range $7-800 (new) model in the $300 used range. That would be my suggestion. There're a ton of great deals on used guitars today.

edit: Since you may not be in North America, ignore that post.

If you want to play metal music get an electric now. If you don't need that massive tone an acoustic may be sufficient.
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1) don't buy beginner stuff if you don't have to. They're generally not that well made, and you'll outgrow it quickly.

2) the longer you wait & save your money, the more good options you will have- patience is your friend.

3) try to buy with your hands & body first. By that, I mean that you can almost always improve the way a guitar sounds or find a different color & finish, but if a guitar doesn't feel good in your hands or is uncomfortable, it will discourage you from playing.
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Opinions vary, but I think that beginners should be using the kind of instrument that matches their genre interests, plus something half-decent to play it through if it is electric. This is because there are differences in technique, and you might as well learn the right habits from the start. IMO, you don't need to spend a lot (my favourite guitar cost Oz$65 from the local hock shop, but I know what to look for), but you should budget for a set up, regardless of price.
This always a personnel choice,but I'll pay more for a guitar then anything else. Try as many as you can even outside your price range to get a feel for the difference s in qualify. Neck finishes and fretboard materials can be all over the place. Find what you like first and go used if you have too. My best guitars are used because I can't really afford $2000 new but a grand when it's a few years old is sometimes doable. That's kind of extreme,but like others have said $6 to $800 can be had for $300 all day long. Just make sure it fits what your looking for.
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