I was wondering if there were some pretty easy to learn Pantera songs for a relatively beginner guitarist.

There are a couple of Pantera songs I can play like
5 Minutes Alone
I'm Broken

Dude, instead of making a million threads about beginner songs, just search the band's tabs & look on the right side of the screen. It'll tell you if it's for beginner, intermediate or advanced players.
You can do that ^
What I did though, was I started to try to learn all pantera when I was a beginner. Sounds stupid, I know, but the way I learned to play guitar, I challenged myself with the hardest tabs I could find that were still playable and I'd play slow and eventually pick up speed.
Cowboys from hell, Mouth for War, A New Level (some parts), Regular people are all some I would take a look at.
Hope I helped
Who needs shred when you've got rhythm guitar? :^)
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I really like Panteras whole catalog. Please listen to the first four as well as theblast five. Dimebags earlier stuff is way more 80s style. I would start there. There is a few gems in that early catalog that rhythm wise, are very learnable.

Especially on power metal. Dinebags always been a beast, even when pretty young.

The catalog we all know, id start with cemetary gates man. Good mix of tempos and channels for acoustic style and heavy shit for rhythms.

The solo as you know is classic dime. But in retrospect is pretty easy as far as his talent goes.

That or the title cut cowboys!