Hey peoples. I have a set of Duncan Nazgul and Sentient I am planning on putting in my Concorde.
Before I do this I figured I'd ask what y'all thought of these pups.
My all time favorite bridge pup is Duncan Distorion SH-6. Neck would be a 59
I will be pushing my Concorde through, in order: tube compressor>ENGL 570>Rocktron intellifex>Rocktron Pro-Q>Rocktron Velocity250>Peavey 412 with k85's top>Peavey 412 144 blue marvels bottom, if gear matters ๐Ÿ˜
Anyone know how these sound in comparison?
How do these sound in general?
What styles are they best suited for?
I've read a ton on them already, but figured it couldn't hurt to ask peoples here, as I know y'all have great knowledge in general and are the bestest most friendliest musicians on the planet that are full of good things to say.
I also play mostly 80's/90's metal and similar metal types.

Any input is greatly appreciated.
They should suit you well. They are powerful and tight. I have the 7 string set.

I wouldn't compare the sentient to the 59 though. 59 is more vintage and creamy. I love the 59 too.
Nice. I hope they sound "powerful and tight" in a 6 string version. I've heard there's differences between the 6 and 7, and heard there's not.
I'm ok with the Sentient sounding different than a 59. I didn't assume it would anyways. I was just listing my favorite pups for reference.
The neck pup isn't quite as important to sound as the bridge, as I spend 90% of my time using bridge only.
That said, I of course want to have a nice neck pup for when I do use it.
The sentient is not a bad pickup at all, it's just not a 59.

I would think the guitar itself would make a huge difference in sound between the 6&7. Different scale length, etc.
These are some pretty severe pickups...

You will get really tight lows, and cutting highs, with massive percussive single notes. Good for people who pick every note. The Nazgul is more modern sounding than the Distortion, with almost as much high end (slightly different frequency is emphasized) and more lows and mids.
Dave @ Seymour Duncan
Think I'm just gona get an F spaced pup from GJ2. Easier to swap one pup than 2. I kinda like ho the existing pup sounds, it's just not F spaced and the bobbins are offset. Put on some Harley Vivid Black powder coated rings I have and some cupcake knobs. Going with gloss over matte, to match the Floyd and Hipshots