Hi guys,

I have just got a Zoom G3 unit. I read several threads from different forums saying that this unit is not true bypass.
However, with the right setting (it is said to be adjust level = 100 and output = direct), you can still get the tone not colored so much.

I am not sure if I miss something but generally even only through guitar > zoom g3 > amp, I can still hear a slight tone changes (darker) from my ears,
not being said when connect through with a brunch of pedals. Just saying if connect through fx loop, the tone changes even darker.

I have thought an idea of using a BOSS line selector to filter that darker tone, so for example, a brunch of pedals through BOSS LS-2 bypass and ZOOM G3 within loop A. Therefore, I can turn on loop A and off when necessary. And when through bypass, I can keep my tone unchanged. Unfortunately, the outcome is still not going to be good. The tone is still coloured. Funny things is when I remove Zoom G3 from loop A, the tone becomes clear as original. So it proves to be not BOSS fault.

I really like the modulation, delay and reverb tone from Zoom G3. It is a shame that I couldn't get the tone as clear as i want.
Do anyone have this experience before and may share what s the solution for this? Sadly I am thinking to sell this multi-effect unit cos I couldn't stand for the tone changes.
Besides putting the G3 in the loop of a true bypass looper pedal I don't think there's anything that can be done.
is boss ls-2 not a true bypass looper?
I find it doesn't alter the tone when going through bypass as long as G3 is not connected in the loop.
Boss uses Buffers in just about if not everything they build. No true bypass there. The reason why the Boss doesn't alter your tone is they build the best buffer circuits on the market in my opinion.

Muti effects units always mess with your tone. They are incredibly hard to setup especially when it comes to levels input output loop levels overall it becomes madness.
I stepped away from multi effects units as this is one of the reasons why. It took me basically years to get my levels exactly where I wanted them. I tried so hard to level match everything, removing the multi effects unit and then putting it back in. I even used a SPL meter so I know I was getting it right.

I so much prefer pedals over multi effects units as IF you do it right, Pedals barely alter your tone. But they do if you use low quality cables and don't use Buffers. All the hype about true bypass pedals is crap. True bypass pedals when you start using many of them kill your tone. You get left with a dark muddy mess.
The best way to get this right is to first use the highest quality cables you can afford. I use Mogami Gold's. Then a Buffer out front as the first pedal, you could use something like a Boss Wazacraft Tuner with a excellent buffer in it. Then Build your own patch cables of high quality or Mogami Gold patch cables. Then another Buffer at the end of your signal chain .
With multi effects hopefully the Zoom has buffers in it you can move around or at least use. This will free up your tone. level matching good luck with that, go buy a SPL meter.
The Quest for Tone.
Cheers. I got an extra boss tuner. I will try later putting it at the end of the chain and put the Zoom G3 within the chain.
C if it could improve the tone clarity.

I use the Ibanez standard patch cable for pedals so I think that s fine (at least not a bad quality cable). For long one, I use fender and planet wave so I guess is fine as well.
I don't think is the level problem since I mention is the tone being coloured like u said getting dark and muddy.
I did tweak about the level from Zoom G3, but what i get is still muddy tone, just a matter either louder or less louder.
I set my G3 to "Combo Return" or something like that for the effects loop. I think I found that unity was actually 50% on the volume, but it has been a while since I have looked at the settings. I did notice a little bit of tone difference between the G3 and the direct amp sound but it was not enough to bother me. If it is too much for you, maybe there is still a setting that needs to be adjusted? Or maybe use a little bit of EQ to help you out?
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I try putting boss TU-3 either in front or behind the G3 unit. The result is still dark and muddy.
Though I even try setting G3 in between two BOSS TU-3, the tone from what I heard is slightly brighter, but still lose a bit treble and dynamic in my ears.
Once I have considered to buy a buffer pedal, but still it looks like the problem won't solve eventually.
Meh, I guess Zoom G3 encourage you to use those amp sim for clean sound setting perhaps, no wonder how people from other threads could get nice tone clarity.
wait are you using amp models in the Zoom into your amp? if so then that is likely your problem. this doesn't always work very well and could explain your issues.
nono, I didn't put any amp model sim in the zoom signal chain itself cos i heard from the other threads saying that it could cause the clarity of your real amp tone, whether you left the amp sim open or close.

I just make a joke of using the amp model sim for clean sound, not so funny though lol