Hey guys, haven't posted on here in what seems forever so I thought I'd see if anyone could give mea helping hand or some thoughts on this.

Basically I'd acquired a Gretsch electromatic double jet last year, absolutely love it to bits, it plays so well but the one thing that bothers me is the rattely bridge. Been trying to find some information on replacements online but I rarely find the right information to know what will fit the guitar. Bought the one thing for my les paul custom and had to send it back so I'd like to avoid doing that again if possible.

I THINK the "ABM Rollerbridge 2400n-RO Nickel" would fit but I thought I'd see if anyone else had any experience in changing the bridge on this guitar for any alternatives. Also read about a compton bridge? If I could find the bridge width specs that would help too.

Thanks in advance!
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