Okay so long story short I had several awesome amps that just went loud enough for my needs so I got a car in mts 3200 combo. I know wattage doesn't mean volume but I figured "eh, a 30 watt amp is loud enough so 100 watts kinda has to be". So I got it. Only paid 175 bucks too so I figured all was well
So I posted awhile back about a fizzy sound it was making. That's fine now. I replaced the tubes. But while it sounds good now, it's really quiet. It's the the 100 watt setting and if I crank it it doesn't even sound as loud as the little 20 watt soldano I had. I mean, it's not quiet but a 100 watt amp aughta be way louder than this. It doesn't flab out as it gets louder or anything, that's just what it's got. It doesn't make sense.
Yeah. The power tubes are all brand new jjs, the preamp tubes are all brand new sovteks, it's on the 100 watt setting not the 50 watt, and my guitar and the amp are cranked. The speakers don't sound blown and both are connected and making sound. The tone quality is good, the volume just seems abnormally low for a 100 watt amp
Don't get me wrong, it's loud. But I'd still have to put the volume on at least around 8 for a show. For reference I'm borrowing my buddies black star club 40 combo for shoes not and I turn the volume to like 5
Is the speaker efficiency too low?