Okay so on my Floyd Rose Pro bridge, the G String (of course it's the G-string ) saddle can't be properly intonated because the screw hole in the base plate that the saddle mounting screw goes to mount the saddle down is stripped. There are three holes for each saddle to intonate, and of course the middle hole that I need to place the saddle mounting screw is stripped, therefore the saddle slides all the way up to the threads of the screw, causing the intonation to be sharp. This bridge is made in Germany by Schaller, so it's supposed to be higher quality material. Unfortunately now, being that the screw hole is stripped, I can't intonate the string.

I don't know much about this type of stuff, hence why I'm posting a thread here. I was considering trying to see if my hardware store sells a small washer that could go between the saddle and the base plate, but that's probably not worth trying to find.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Note: I tried replacing the screw itself, and it turns out it's not the screw. I also tested it by locking down the saddle in the other two saddle mount screw holes (the one closest to the neck of the guitar, and the one closest to the end of the body of the guitar), and the saddle stays in place.
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Unfortunately you might need to buy a new baseplate because the hole has to be a specific size to accept the saddle. Obviously when the threads of any hole are stripped, you cannot just add material back to the baseplate to make the hole usable again.

I'm guessing this happened because you overtightened it? You don't actually need the tighten the little bolts down that tight to stop the saddles from stipping under string tension.
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