I'm thinking of putting a PGn and 59/C in a Strat and was wondering what pot values to use. I usually use 500k for humbuckers, but I heard that that makes them too bright in a strat. I've also heard that these pickups don't work well together because the neck is too dark and the bridge is too bright, and that I should swap out an A2 in the 59/C. Is this true? Like I said, I heard they are both bright.
It's very evident that you've been reading a lot of misleading hearsay on other forums.

The problem with all this hearsay is that there's no context given to the setup of the rest of the rig or any basis of comparison against other pickups. You can make literally any set of pickups ever made sound too bright depending on what that setup is. So without it, saying a set of pickups is 'too bright' is next to meaningless.

Why not just buy the pickups first before determining what pots to use? If 500K's turn out to sound too bright for the rest of your setup, then big whoop. Just buy new pots.

I'm also not quite sure why you're considering changing magnets on a set of pickups you don't even own yet. For all you know, in the context of the rest of your setup, you might like the pickups the way they are stock. And if it's that important to you that you change magnets, why not consider a set of pickups that already has the magnet type you want already in them?

Also, and this is probably the most pertinent question of them all; what makes you so confident that these new pickups will actually make your guitar sound better? From how you're describing these new pickups, it seems like they're actually going to make your guitar sound worse.
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Well, I've had this combo with 500k pots in a Gibson scale length guitar before, and they sounded nice. But when asking around for how they might react in a shorter scale length stratocaster, I got one guy saying that the only way he would consider putting them as a set was with an A2 in the bridge to "close the eq gap" inbetween them, but that he thought they sounded dull with 250k pots in a Strat. The other guy said that they were both too bright for 500k pots in even a Les Paul, so that I should consider 250k pots.
The reason I'm asking is because one of the screws on the neck is stripped bad enough to not be able to be removed (don't ask me how I bought it used and haven't gotten around to fixing it) and since I already have the pickups I thought it would be best to put them in first, but I don't want to have to burn through several sets of strings just to deal with pots. So I thought it best to ask for other people's opinions and personal experience before I go through all this trouble.
Thats the one thing I've never liked about Fenders, they make you choose between changing your strings or removing the neck (which if you aren't careful ends up meaning new strings). And then on top of that you need to remove 11 screws just to get to get the pickups from the pickguard. Sorry if this has turned into a rant.
Strats have a longer scale length, not shorter :/

I'd advise you to completely ignore "what one guy said" and "what the other guy says" and instead trust your own ears. If you want the pickups install them with 500k pots as normal, if you think something's not quite right then you can post a new thread - you'll get much more practical answers when there's actually a tangible problem to work with.
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