What happened to Autoscroll? It's no longer available to me that I can see after update that introduces tab tracker. I have UG tabs HD. Please tell me you did not remove it ?? Your app becomes useless without this ability.
dublevI noticed this after the update but if you open a tab and look at the bottom of the page, right bottom you see Practice; touch this, it switches to Exit but you also have Autoscroll added next to Exit.

Found it by poking around.

Does the autoscroll remain permanently, or is this something you have to do for each song? I agree that the app is almost useless without autoscroll. I think I'd rather go back to paper copies in notebooks than to have to keep reaching up and scrolling manually. I am hoping that this is just a glitch.
Rolly198 Thank you for sharing that. I am able to scroll again!

UG MODS, IF YOU ARE TRULY READING THESE, TELL YOUR DEV TEAM TO CHANGE YOUR INTERFACE BACK TO HOW IT WAS (PARTICULARLY WITH RESPECT TO AUTOSCROLL). The new layout sucks, I now have to take up to four extra steps to start Autoscroll and then a few more to get back to my favorites. I used to be able to just open the song and start and stop scrolling. I DONT CARE ABOUT TRACKING HOW MANY TIMES IVE PLAYED A SONG, I JUST WANT TO PLAY IT.