So I've recently got into recording properly, and I'm still learning various techniques by trial and error, I'm currently recording a song but I want it to fade in yet I have no idea how to do it. It's not your standard volume fade in, quite frankly I have no idea what it's called, kind of a n00b when it comes to terminology.

The only video I can remember that has this in is this one for revalver 4:

How would I go about doing this to a guitar track? (I'm using reaper)

Cheers in advance!!
It's an automated EQ and fader ride.

To do it:

1) Put an EQ on your mix/guitar/whatever
2) Set a low pass filter to as low as it goes, and at ~16db roll
3) Set that to allow automation
4) Do the same on the high pass
5) write the automation to sweep both filters upwards as needed
6) Once you have the tonality set, set your fader to -inf (as low as she goes). Remember what it was before doing that!
7) Automate that with the same path as the EQ automation (roughly) so that it finishes at the original track level.
8) Automate a hard EQ bypass at when you want the effect to end.

That should give you the effect you want. You can also fool around with using a band pass to boost signals in the EQ along with your High/low passes.

There's like 4 or 5 ways to do that exact effect (I use compression and band filtering), and as you experiment you'll get it to how you want it.
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