I play in a two piece band. Royal Blood kind of gear set-up, with a bass into an octave pedal and splitting into two amps. With the gear I use though, the guitar sound is still rather thin, while I'm hoping to achieve a nice thick distortion tone. The "feels like I'm being punched in the face" vibe. Any tips on what I'm doing wrong, ways to EQ the amp for example? (Example of the tone I mean; )

Heres the setup at the moment;

Peavey Grind 6-String Bass (All knobs cranked) --> EHX Mircro Pog (no dry/sub signal) --> Ibanez TS9 (Drive: 0, Tone: 12 o'clock Level: Max)--> Blackstar HT15 (Low: 3 o'clock Mid: 11 o'clock High: 10 o'clock ISF; Almost 100% to the left)

Thank you if you respond, much appreciated.
You are octave dropping DOWN your bass with no dry signal? Put the dry signal back in. And take the sub signal out, that will just eat up all the headroom you have in your amp and any sort of "punch" there is will be reduced to a muddy flab. Also, get an actual bass amp- guitar amps/speakers are no good for producing bass-guitar frequencies. I am surprised you haven't blown the speaker by now.
Will Lane Sorry, I think I may have worded it kinda incorrectly. There is an Octave UP going into the Blackstar, while the bass notes go into a proper bass amp. My bad. No octave dropping down of any description.
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Well, according to info at Equipboard, http://equipboard.com/pros/mike-kerr/#effects-pedals , you're not using enough pedals.

Among other things, he's using a reverb and 2 different fuzz pedals (which may or may not be on his board simultaneously). He also has a pitch shifter and an EQ pedal. By themselves, a reverb & fuzz will thicken your tone. The EQ will help you get the tonal balance you want.

Since you say you want a distorted tone, you might also want an actual distortion pedal. One solution would be a good OD/Distortion pedal like a Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde V2 (which has a TS-inspired OD circuit), or the Red Witch Famulus...both of which also offer some more tone shaping options than the Ibanez.
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