Hey guys -- just unboxed a used 6505 120 watt head. (NAD coming soon )

Anyway, I have a (probably) pretty dumb question. When setting the impedance on the back of the amp, I am unclear as to which way "indicates" a particular Ohm setting.

I know that my cab is 16 ohm. That's where I want to set the head. However, my question is -- do I line up the switch itself with the "16 ohm" printed on the amp? The reason it's confusing is there is also a vertical mark which lines up with the "16 ohm" text when the switch itself is over at the "4 ohm" markings.

So which is it? Should the "mark" line up with the desired setting, or should the switch itself line up with the setting?

Thanks! The manual doesn't clarify this. And I definitely don't want to play it through my 16 ohm cab with it set to 4ohms. I already have one blown 6505; I don't need two.
Pics would be helpful.

If the back of the amp looks exactly like this with the impedance settings printed above the switch, it looks pretty obvious that sliding the switch all the way to the right selects 16 ohms and all the way to the left selects 4 ohms.

I don't see any of the vertical lines you speak of. Perhaps the previous owner put them there themselves? If so, that might possibly suggest that the output transformer has been changed. Ask the seller if in doubt.
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Quote by Axelfox
Never mind. The switch is supposed to line up with the number, as you said. Otherwise, there would be no way of setting it to 8 ohms in the middle.

The vertical lines, I think, are just part of the construction of that switch, internally. It's better to be safe than sorry, I guess. I played it for about an hour last night.