Hi everyone.

So, at home, I have these "handle spring collar", http://us1.image4.pushauction.com/350/350/c706a8b2-aa2f-45f0-815e-765a18adcd9e/485c2063-0aff-aa01-94fc-979a80afff6b.jpgwhich are used for training. I had these for YEARS, but rarely use them. Anyway, I had a friend over and I ended up trying these handles. I noticed that I had a much tighter grip with my left hand, compared to my right hand. It wasn't this way when I trained more seriously as a 15 year teenager (I am now 29).

I started playing guitar a lot more, once again, in the last year or so, although playing since I am 16. I do the chords with my left hand. I was wondering if that stronger left hand grip was due to the guitar, due to doing power chords, and constantly grabbing and letting to off the guitar neck. Maybe it is due to doing a lot of snow shoveling, and having my left hand on the midsection of the shaft and the right one on the handle.

Anyway, I made this weird discovery, and was wondering if any right handed people, playing guitar, developed a stronger left hand out of doing power chords and stuff. Wondering if this new found strength was due to playing guitar, or to whatever it may be. Useful to know though, as I will use my left arm more often for labor etc. lol
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Yes it is most likely due to guitar, if you do absolutely no other activities.

Mystery solved, NEXT
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I was wondering if anyone had noticed a similar thing though. ... and no, forget the touch myself at night. LOL. And my main activities are walking and pedal bike so... no gym etc.
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