Ok so I'm trying to make a double big muff (2 big muffs in one pedal with 2 switches) and i would really like to add a mid boost switch to the circuit but I'm going by specific instructions that don't include such a thing and I'm kind of a newbie so any help would be appreciated. also side note any advice on how to wire 2 circuits together in the same box would be helpful as well.
have you tried looking up the diy websites, and also places like byoc and general guitar gadgets? they sell kits and those kits often have mods to the original circuit... i wouldn't be surprised if you can find a muff kit (you can usually download the instructionsfor free on the site, you don't have to buy the kit!) that has a mid-boost option since that's a pretty useful mod.

EDIT: yep this one has an EQ switch. that might be a bit more involved than what you want to do, but it's a start:


http://byocelectronics.com/beaverinstructions.pdf (instructions, including schematic)
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