I've been looking for months now, and i can't seem to find any amazing bass profiles people have created for Djent.
If anyone knows, I would be ever grateful
One you may want to check out is one that Double Impact do of the Darkglass B7K. They do some you can buy but one of the B7K profiles is available in their free bundle on this page: http://www.doubleimpactdrums.com/

Easily the best B7K emulation I have used if that is what you are looking for.
I don't have a Kemper, but I've learned a few things about mixing metal bass.

What I generally do is have a very warm and fat clean sound making up the meat of the tone, and then I blent in a highly distorted, very mid-rangy version of the sound. What this ends up doing is retaining the low end that you want in a bass, while still having enough gain to bind well with the guitars when you do unison riffs.

The rest is in your pick attack and muting technique.
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