I was supposed to spend my leftover money on a new bass amp, but I stumbled upon a deal I couldn't pass. There's a certain style of bass I've wanted for a while now, and I found one used for a very nice price. So what am I talking about?

A fretless acoustic bass. I'm really excited about this, even if it's a pretty cheap bass. It came with flatwound strings, and I like how they sound so far. It has plenty of resonance unplugged, beats an electric bass hands down (I wouldn't expect it not to though, it's an acoustic after all). Plugged in, it works fine, I'll drop a quick sound sample at the bottom of this post.

And it isn't actually a fretless model. It's an Ibanez AEB 8E that was modded by a professional. You can still see the fretlines, which is fine as it makes learning the instrument much easier.

And it's an electroacoustic as you might already have guessed. Seems to have a pretty standard preamp, the built in tuner is at least handy. Haven't tested it enough yet to really give an opinion on the electronics.

And I did get a new bass amp as well. I just bought it from a friend without thinking about it too much. It's an Ampeg BA112, which is functional I guess. Can't really complain with my financial situation

And last, as promised, is a quick sound sample. It's just the bass plugged directly into my soundcard, flat EQ, no effects. Only post processing is a low cut since soundcloud seems to mess up the sound quality a bit.


And as you can see, I'm not really in tune or in time just a quick clip.
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I have an ibanez aeb as well.
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