So, I'm wanting to do an upgrade experiment on this guitar. I was my first "decent guitar", and over time, it is my worst. The pickups aren't an issue, but the bridge is. The tuning stability is horrible, so I'm wanting to replace the whole bridge. I know I wouldn't get naything out of the guitar if I sold it, and Guitar Center wouldn't take it haha. I know someone will say, "If its going out of tune, then its an operating problem." You would be correct! That's why I want to replace everything, the studs, the mounting screws if I can. I also believe the Knife edges are completely worn. I don't play it because of the tuning stability. Since I have a Hellraiser Extreme coming in, I kinda don't want this guitar to decompose. I could put it in a weird odd ball tuning like standard and still get some use out of it

I read something somewhere that if you adjusted the trem height with tension, then you could strip it. Let's just say I did this on this guitar for 4 years and THEN found this out.

Also, its not just a plop and replace either, my routing cavity on the front is smaller than my Hellraiser FR, so the bridge wouldn't fit. I believe its around 58mm? Give or take. I can't route it out(don't have a dremmel) and I also don't want to pay someone to do it. Is there a bridge that would fit this thing? I'm even going to buy new tuners, a new nut, a brass block, replace any moving parts, and any stationary parts that are moving to get this thing to stay in tune. I'll even block it off completely, (did it before but no luck on tuning stability).

I have 3 other guitars with OFR/1000 and I don't have this issue. I've never had to dig too deep to keep them in full functioning order. I want help, so if the bridge doesn't need to be replaced, cool. Give me tips on how to fix it, I come here for knowledge, not gonna be that guy and deny help because I want someone to tell me what I wanna hear. BUT I'd still like to know a better replacement if I ever wanted to have a different color, so Id still want an upgrade even if it's not necessarily needed.
most of the ones i know of are as big as the ofr/frt-1000 unfortunately. there are routing diagrams on the hardware manufacturers' websites, though, so maybe take a look there? the schaller one (not the lockmeister) might be a little smaller, but i'm not certain.
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