I'm trying to find a basic interface for practicing. I live in an apartment and thought I'd rather go the Guitar Rig route instead of buying a cheap modeling amp. I got my first guitar over Christmas, an Epiphone Les Paul Pro Desert Burst which I love so far. I'm looking to get an interface so I can connect to my PC and setup Guitar Rig and all that for practicing. I'm considering getting the Focusrite Solo because it's affordable and seems to have just the features I need and nothing else. Does anyone have much experience with this particular unit? Would you recommend this one or a different one? Really don't want to spend more than $100 , if possible.

I've got a 2i2 which is the next one up from the Solo. It is good, but make sure you get a 2nd gen one as I believe like the 1st gen 2i2 there were some issues.
Once you get the configuration right, i've had no clips or hisses/pops etc - 44100 + 96hz - about 96 samples - 3ms-ish, maybe less.