Hey all,

So, for as long as I've been playing, I've stuck to pretty standard string sets on my guitars. I tend to like 10-46 on 24.75" scale guitars, and 9-42 on 25.5" scale guitars for standard E tuning.

It's downtuning where I've had mixed results. I use DR 11-50 on my DK2M for D standard tuning with success. However, one of my Flying V's I use for the same tuning/drop C has 11-54 Beefy slinkies on it. The top strings feel fine to me, but I don't like the way the lower strings feel (too thick for my liking, yet not quite enough tension either - the 24.75 scale is probably in part to blame for the latter issue).

Because of this, Dunlop Heavy Cores and DR DDT have caught my attention, as it's my understanding that they're wound with more rigid cores, to acheieve higher tension with a lower string gauge. This sounds perfect to me, as I'd normally try a "regular" 11-50 set on the V, but fear it will be too loose with a 24.75 scale.

Anybody have experience with either? I've heard of complaints with intonation issues on the DRs, but a few positive opinions so far on both options.

Thanks in advance!
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