Hey guys!

I'm looking to get some suggestions on which mic to go with. Vocally I like to do many different things, from heavier pantera / slipknot screams to higher pop leads similar to jared leto and I use quite a lot of strong adam gontier grit.

considering the sennheiser 835 vs 935 (open to more options)

Can someone with more experience with these microphones help with a recommendation? Possibly some suggestions on wireless recommendations as well?

Thank you

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Is this for live or studio use?

Live, you won't go far wrong with an SM58.
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Quote by GaryBillington
Is this for live or studio use?

Live, you won't go far wrong with an SM58.

Thank you for the reply. I know Corey Taylor uses an SM58 but I look at vocalists who have more variation in their tone / range and see sennheiser 935s I believe. I've read that they cut through the mix better and can handle variation in tonality better.

I haven't had experience with 835 vs 935 and it's hard to get comparison samples
dannyfinn92 I very much doubt that anyone will notice the difference between a sennheiser or a shure mic in a live situation. Im guessing here, but you probably play in a local metal band that play small venues and clubs? Those very rarely have an excelent sound system, or a competent soundman for that matter, so the nuanced differences between mics become irrelevant. A sm58 or a beta58 is gonna be ok for whatever you wanna do with it, or if you get the sennheiser, its probably not gonna even matter which one you pick.
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