I'm looking to buy a hardware sampler for around $300 and I need some recommendations. I'm looking for a piece of hardware where I can load in sounds (classic drum machine kicks, hats, snares, etc.) and form patterns and then form songs in song mode. Like a drum machine. Also, being able to load in entire samples, such as old hip hop drum lines, would be cool. I'm thinking of something like the FL studio layout.

I'm a singer-songwriter and I'm thinking of making hip-hop beats and electronic music as the background music to sing and play my songs to but I'm also considering just playing as a knob-twiddling "electronic musician/producer" live with the piece of hardware I buy. Any recommendations?
Most live producers have their rigs set up to a laptop with a controller like NI Maschine. That then plays into whatever desk is used live. Drum machines aren't usually used because they're not usually reliable on the fly/are fiddly/too specific.

Depends on what you settle on, however. If it's a really stripped down setup like Ed Sheeran for example, a looping rig is relatively easy to set up.

The Maschine route gives you a lot of options but it is probably way over budget.

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I was thinking something like Thom Yorke's The Eraser type stuff and Flying Lotus. I see all these dudes with their Boss samplers and MPC's and wish it was as simple as using a central piece of hardware.
I have Korg Volca Sample. You can load in 100 samples and save 10 patterns and make a song of those. Unfortunately 10 patterns is way too few, and I don't know if you can even save those patterns/songs to pc, so it's pretty limiting. But it's a fun little toy as it cost only about 100 euros. And that is all I know about samplers.
You can do this fl studio and an LPD
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second hand mpc2000 or cop urself a copy ableton + push2 tbh

maschine is good for whackin out drum ideas but is a pos if u wanna actually arrange anything after u have a pattern lol

daws are daws are daws tho tbh, just find one u comfortable with.

ableton is the shit tho for working with audio >>>>
also i prefer mixing in ableton these days rather than in logic
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