Wanted to say hello to the group. I have never picked up a guitar before and I finally decided to pick one up. I ordered a Les Paul Epiphone II special. From what I have been reading it's a great beginner guitar. (correct me if I am wrong). I picked up a copy of Rocksmith, I wanted to try this out first for at least a year. I do eventually want to take a formal class so I can learn some sort of music theory. I look forward to reading through the forums here.
A guitar is a wonderful thing
I my self am self taught so I'm not alot of use but we have a lessons page were users upload lessons high quality for you, the tabs are clear and organized well
Great community here cuz were all the same guitar loving people 😂 any questions hit me up or see if theres a forum already answering
bikerscout1599 great guitar choice!!
Welcome nice meating you bothh
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