Hello everyone!

As you are probably aware I'm a big fan of Jason Becker and Marty Friedman... I've recorded 3 covers so far and just wanna know your opinion and tips to get better recordings, technique, etc.

The first cover was recorded about two months ago, video quality is not quite good cause It was recorded with cellphone cam. All instruments were created from scratch. It was one of my first mixes so excuse the audio quality also...

Jason Becker - Temple Of The Absurd

Then I tried my best on this Marty Friedman song from Dragon's Kiss album... a bit better video quality but not the best.All instruments created from scratch also:

And finally two weeks ago I recorded "Jewel" cover, as you can see there is better video and audio quality on this one as I'm learning day by day. Backing track was used on this one.

Any opinions will be appreciated!