Hi everyone, i made a post awhile ago asking for recommendations for a cheap amp, but i never fully committed to buying anything and just stuck with my old peavey 158. A friend of mine wants to start playing so im just going to give him the peavey and purchase a new amp since i wanted to anyway.

I play alot of Nirvana and Metallica stuff. Will be using it with my fender strat (hsh) also have a boss ds1 pedal

Must be new, i cannot test amps as there are no decent stores near me.
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Peavey VIP series (formerly Vypyr) you won't need the boss pedal with this amp and it will do what you want tone wise within reason.
Thanks im looking at some reviews on youtube now, looks like there is alot of versatility! i think i might actually go with it.
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This. Hard to beat from a bang-for-the-buck perspective. I have the JCA 20H with JJ tubes. No regrets.
peavey valve kings are relatively cheap. all tube at least. a couple of small tweaks and aren't half bad.
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