I just bought a Sigma DMC 1ste with a hard case. I noticed when I got home it only fits almost perfectly in the case. It moves up or down about 1cm. Does that matter? Also, is it important to keep a guitar like this in the case at all times, and a humidifier going in the winter? I'm a classical guitarist and for my classical that's what I do, but I wasn't sure if an acoustic would be as sensitive as a handmade classical guitar.

I'd like to take really good care of this one so that when I want to upgrade I can sell it for a good price.

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There are often some spaces between the guitar and the case sides - it shouldn't be a problem but you can always pad out with some foam or wadding if you are worried. Whether or not you keep it humifified in the case depends on your prevailing climate and house conditions. I live in the good old damp UK and I've never humidified my guitars - a few of which are almost 50 years old.
Oh, I meant a room humidifier. I live in Canada and I have one going all the time in the winter when the heaters are on. I don't use a sound hole humidifier, do I need one even if its kept in a case?