I want to play the intro riff this guy plays in this video but I'm not sure what I'm doing I have the capo on 3rd fret like him but Idk what the notes are different for fingerstyle parts help me out please.


his reply to a comment (he gives the notes not sure how to play them):

"In that intro lead line? I gotchu! It's
G F G Bb G F Eb F (x3)
G F G Bb G Bb D Eb,
C Bb C Eb C Eb C Bb G Bb C Bb C Eb C Bb G Bb Ab G F Eb Bb C Eb F F# F Eb C Eb C B Bb …hope that helps LOL"
That guy's vocal style is well, too intense. That's just my uninformed, musically inept, worthless opinion. He does get pretty high though, and good and loud too.

As far as the solo goes, it occurs to me that you would have to know the names of the notes on the fret board, then simply watch where he puts his fingers to verify at what position the notes are being played . No?

If you want to take a shot that someone might be kind enough to tab it for you, go here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=10
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