I'm not sure what happened, but when I logged in yesterday there was a list of threads on my 1st page and I replied to one, which turned out to be old.
So it was closed with a comment about resurrecting old threads.
Now, my question is: what is fundamentally wrong with posting in an old thread?
(Not a rant or crusade - just a question. )
It's fashion amongst the mods. A few years back they always complained if people hadn't searched the archives to find answers, now they jump on necro-posting. Given the lower levels of activity in the forums nowadays it is probably sensible to favour starting new threads. It's also true that once an old thread is revived people will start to answer the OP's question, even though it is very unlikely he or she will be checking for answers after several years gap.

The same themes always resurface every few months (what's the best starter bass, how many watts does a bassist need etc.) Much the same answers re-occur but technology does move on and it probably is more fun to have discussions live rather than on dead threads.
Also, if you read the forum rules, its against the general practices in the forum. Generally, if the thread is over a year old, then the individual who made the thread has their answers as Phil has stated. Some of the threads that have resurfaced lately have been far older than that, which is why they've been closed. This isn't just a general rule within the bass forum, its done across the board on most of the forums in UG.

Why those threads showed up on your main page when you looked yesterday is another question, and if you want I can pursue that with the site Admins.

As I messaged you yesterday, if you want to talk about something, open up a new thread, especially on topics like Rickenbackers that aren't the usual posts and may generate some new discussion. IF nothing else, if you post a thread about Rickys, you get a very strong opinion post from Spaz.
Thanks - some of these threads are just opinion & chit-chat, as opposed to someone asking a real question for advice.
I tripped up a week or two back too, in answering something about an Iron Gear pickup, because I just bought one; heck, people who'd been using them for a few years might've had something to say in follow-up.
I generally just react to the threads I encounter when I'm on fora; their date can be easy to miss on a phone or tablet...
But I'll try and stick to only responding to recent threads.