Hi guys I'm after a Tremolo to do creep by Radiohead, do I need anything special or will any Tremolo do the trick, thanks.
BOSS TR-2 Tremolo

Used at the Radiohead for Haiti benefit show.
BOSS PN-2 Tremolo/Pan

Diamond Tremolo TRM-1 No1
Ed added this pedal his board in 2011. Used live for Feral, Planet Telex, and Paranoid Android.
Diamond Tremolo TRM-1 No2

Acquired circa 2014. Custom blue finish. Part of Ed’s 2014 theGigRig pedalboard.

2014 Settings: Speed 2:45, Depth 3:15, Vol 2, Mode Eighth Note, Waveform Chop.

Dunlop Stereo Tremolo

Not used on Creep, as Ed did not have the pedal at the time and instead used his Mesa Boogie Trem-O-Verb for it.
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Boss TR-2 is a great value pedal. II would suggest a newer pedal as during the revision of the circuit Boss addressed the volume drop issue when engaged and fixed it.
had a listen to a few on youtube, they all sound good, I do like the Diamond but its a lot of money.
Thanks for the info guys, are there any other Tremolo pedals worth looking at.
Ehx pulsar is cheaper than the boss. And it is stereo. I never played one but at my wedding the guy had one and sounded ok. I just liked the Boss and bought one.