Don't know if I've posted this before but after many years of playing a very wide range of Bass amps I used a Markbass Combo at a session, the owner loaned it to me and the next day I went out and purchased one (the top end 115 combo) after 12 months I cannot fault it in any way other than 'No Feet'.
The output for its size is incredible, I currently use a cheap Chinese 5 string Affinity Jazz Bass fitted with a John East 'T-Retro active kit which IMHO is far better than the actives on Fender Jazz Basses. The retro kit has now been fitted to my last three Fender basses including my 65 Jazz and takes roughly 15-20 minutes to fit but transforms the bass especially the effect the parametric mid has on the G string.
G&L L2500
Squier Affinity Jazz Bass 5
Ashdown RPM pre-amp
Ashdown Little Giant 1000
300 watt 15" powered cab
450 watt 15" powered sub bass cab
2x10 + horn
1x15x10 + horn
I have the same combo. It's the Jeff Berlin sig. Wonderfully loud and great sounding combo. So light and small as well. It's a shame it's so expensive. I have to move it because other gear I have isn't selling.
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