Hi All

I'm in a three-piece band at the moment and I'm struggling to write interesting songs due to the limits of only having one guitarist!

I'm looking at buying a loop pedal but need some advice...

I want to be able to have pre-recorded guitar parts that I can click in/out throughout the set without having to record them live as well as the normal loop feature of recording something and looping it straight away.

Firstly, is this possible (and can be done easily whilst playing live)? If so, which pedal would be best to use?

Thanks in advance for any info!
If Miriah Carey can lip sync the whole set, I'm sure the technology exists to have prerecorded guitar parts that you can click on and off but most loop pedals only record one riff at a time. You can usually overdub multiple times over that one riff but you can't have multiple clickable riffs.

Seems way overly complicated to pull off live though. At least I know I wouldn't want to do it in my 3-piece. We're adding a second guitarist specifically for the reason of being able to have more complicated harmonies.
Yeah the complexity of pulling it off live is the main worry, even of the technology does exist.

Ideally we'd have another guitarist but we're just looking at other options at the moment.
Unless you are playing live to a click track I would not recommend what you are suggesting. Any slight change in tempo would put the recorded parts out of time. Instead making your playing more interesting you would Sound like you do not know what you are doing.
Big bands who do this work off of a click, with software essentially playing the whole 'show' (lighting changes, and all). Basically, a loop pedal is not really the right tool for this. I would think the best tool here would be another guitarist.
I tried a jamman solo. Its cool and i thought it would do the same thing. It works great for clean guitar but any gain or distortion sounds terrible. It sounds like 2 guitars plugged into one amp. The signals get mixed and cancel each other out and its really unusable.
You need to put the distortion before the loop pedal, or put the pedal in the effects loop of the amp to not get that effect.
Quote by geo-rage
It sounds like 2 guitars plugged into one amp.
Isn't that exactly what you expected?
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Isn't that exactly what you expected?
actually no i expected it to work a lot better. It works great for clean as it can loop lots and lots of tracks over each other and they are all clear. Ok so i did expect it to sound like two guitars plugged in to one amp. I didnt expect it to sound bad though. Maybe its the speaker or the amp who knows? Actually the looper was in front of the amp, maybe the looper in the fx loop would work
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It is not the speaker or the amp. It's the basic principals. If you feed a recording of two guitars playing into an amp, it will sound exactly like two guitars playing into an amp. I find it surprising that you didn't expect that since you began this thread saying you needed the sound of another guitar playing.

Yes, putting the looper in the FX loop is a big step in the right direction. As a guitar player you should already know that polyphonic notes sound like crap when played into distortion unless you pretty much stick to the root and the fifth (i.e. power chords). So if you have two guitars playing into the same distortion effect then it's probably going to sound like mud.

The secret to a looper is to play it into the cleanest amplification possible.
I Use a Radial Big Shot AB/Y. Record the rhythm with my looper pedal and playback Through a Marshall DSL40C. The I would switch the radial and play lead stuff through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. I would not dare playing live with a band trying to overdub myself as the least variation in tempo would put the pre-recorded track out of time. As humans we can quickly correct it and recover but the backing on the looper pedal does not. Unless you have some crazy setup with click tracks and studio recorded parts of what you would not be able to play, I would avoid this. Either get another guitarist or simply accept the capabilities of your band.
Depends what you are doing.....I use looping in a similar way to Frusciante (not that I know how he does it live?! - I just use my DAW at home) BUT it doesn't matter too much if something moves out of time as for my needs these aren't precise parts of the recording - YMMV

Meh, link keeps going wrong but youtube Frusciante's intro to Venice Queen @ Slane Castle - basically I have a similar thing at the start of a track that loops for the song....

Also, multiple pedals to click stuff in and out might be a solution?!!
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