I've just been using the webcam on my MacBook Pro for recording snippets and 'ideas' that I've written, just to remind myself, as well as upload some to YouTube or show to friends. However, the webcam just isn't high resolution at all, and can't deal with fast fingering (don't laugh...)

Does anyone have experience with cameras? Ideally I'd like something which is also great at taking still images too, so that I can take it on trips etc to take photos.

I've been looking at DSLRs, but I have zero plans on spending £1000 on something which I'm not going to be using in my career.

Any recommendations?
Sony RX100, Panasonic G5, Canon G9. All excellent advanced cameras that do video well.
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Honestly if you aren't willing to spend the money on a nice DSLR then I wouldn't even bother buying a camera. If you have a relatively recent smartphone, just use that and spend your money on a decent lighting rig cause that will make a bigger difference IMO.

A nice camera will only take you so far if you don't set your shots up right and get your lighting right and take the time to do things like that. On the other hand, good lighting, setting the right levels on your camera etc... will make a bigger difference without you having to spend tons of dollars to shoot in 4k or buying a nice DSLR. Especially if you are handy and can jerry a lighting rig yourself.
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