I just purchased a Zoom g1x ON multi pedal. I play a lot of solo shows so this will help me with doing so because of the drum track in looper. My question is will i be able to create a loop where the part i record has the tone coming from my amp rather than one of the patches. I am not a fan of using patches. Thank you!
As long as your amp has an effects loop and you put the Zoom in it. My looper is at the end of my signal train in the loop for just that reason.
nmjones2011 The drum tracks with this kind of unit are not really of any use besides practicing. I surely would not want to use them live. And especially if you are running them through a guitar amp, the guitar amp's coloration will color the drum tracks and overall you will end up with a very unprofessional sound.

With these units you typically run them without a physical guitar amp. I.e. into headphones or directly into a PA system. You use the amp and speaker models built into the unit. That way your guitar sounds like a guitar and the drums sound like drums, with a non-colored speaker system producing the signals properly and honestly.

To do what you are desiring, though, you would need to run the G1Xon through the effects loop of the amp. If you run your G1Xon through the front, main input of the amp, and you turn distortion on the amp, your drum tracks will be distorted. The effects loop will be much cleaner. But again, running the drum tracks through a guitar amp is not really smart for professional uses. You would also need to set up a patch without amp or cabinet modeling to allow your physical amp to do all the work.
Will LaneJeffh40

I have a fender hot rod deville 212. It has two inputs, a preamp out, and a power amp in. Where would I run an effects loop through? (I'm kinda new to using pedals and stuff).
I would run a cable from the preamp out to the pedal's input, then run a cable from the output on the pedal to the power amp in?