Got this amp when it came out, and Ive taken a hiatus from music. Came back and thought all the naysayers should be put to rest about this amp.

Signal Chain:

Pod UX2 > Carvin V3M > Jet City JCA 2112RC > Sennheiser E609




NO Tubescreamer or effects. There is a Dunes pictured but it is not engaged. The WET is not on either.

Stock Speaker, NO V30s.

No editing besides faders, there is a master limiter with a threshold of -1 dB on the master bus.

I used slightly more mids on the right guitars, the knob was on 6 instead of 4. little to no reason for this.

This amp has been retubed with JJs in the power section, and the preamp is actually still stock, i will be getting these replaced soon, perhaps another reamp afterward? i may even have a proper DI box at that point as well.

IMO this amp sounds great all around. the tonal versatility is great. it reminds me of an engl somewhat. these are just quick settings, a modified version of a Swallow the Sun type tone i was trying to nail. personally, i usually use less gain and more mids on the thick setting(think recent Enslaved ish). my next purchases are going to be a retube and a new cab with a better speaker. i should also note that this cab is open back. whenever i have the funds ill be getting the matching cab with V30, which i can only see getting a more and more ideal sound.
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why the thread move ?? .... isn't this more of a amp review on a belated NAD ?? ..... for as much as this amp gets bad mouth'ed it's nice to have a sound clip to go with the review for the naysayers