AdamBa17 Not bad at all, your vocal is a way more softer than original, may be you need to improve this aspect (but it's not necessary if you want to have your own style of performing this song). And maybe there are some recording issues, but it sounds like you have a lack of voice power.
But as I said, not bad at all.
You are quite in tune, which is really important and good. Agreed with the above; the voice sounds really sweet, maybe a little too sweet. It might have something to do with compromised breathing when playing guitar sitting down btw; voice teachers will never hurt
Sorry I've only just read these replies, thanks so much.

I actually based it on the version that Noel sings rather than Liam as he uses a softer vocal style but I agree, perhaps I need more power.

Possibly the guitar is too loud so that makes my voice sounds quieter? Or perhaps it's the fact I recorded on my phone.

I will work on using more power, thanks. I'm assuming this is a byproduct of using more breath when projecting your notes?
Another note: is this video any improvement as I feel that the voice sounds stronger here?

If so, I think the camera placement has helped as it was underneath the sound hole of my guitar before

I think it's great; your control of pitch and the nuances of the lyrics sound excellent. The comments about "power voice" are probably due to the recording method... in a professional studio recording session the engineer would want exactly that clean and sweet neutral voice sound on the tracks, then use some EQ and time based effects for ambiance or reverb or delay to approach the power voice sound.

I think the same thing would happen on stage singing through a PA with EQ and light effects - the venue would hear the power voice.
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Thanks PlusPaul!

I expect that is the case as I placed the microphone next to the sound hole of my guitar and my voice had to go past that to get to the mic. In the second video it sounds louder to me as the mic is placed more evenly with both.