I'm looking to buy a new guitar. I'm from Canada and the currencies stated will be meant to be in CAD. I was wondering which of these guitars is better for their price (http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/schecter-schecter-omen-6-electric-guitar-white-35200/10320913.aspx?path=f4c18c909de6afe13c039321408ea1dden02) and (http://www.bestbuy.ca/en-CA/product/schecter-schecter-c-6-series-electric-guitar-dlx-sbk-satin-black-c-6-dlx-sbk/10294686.aspx?path=23a332a86dcd6a4e16a2c88057e17ce7en02). The first link is $560 (Schecter Omen 6,) and the second link is $330 (Schecter C-6 Deluxe). If you say that I should get a certain guitar but change the pickups, please mention what pickups I should get. I play mostly metal and rock, but I would also like a versatile guitar that will also sound good if played on clean settings. Also, please mention any higher quality guitars for this price range. I am mostly looking at Schecters and ESP LTDs. Thanks.
I'd avoid shopping for guitars at Best Buy. I've never picked up a good guitar in a Best Buy.
For a metalhead in Canada, I'd recommend looking for one of Godin's discontinued Redline models.
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At one point, Best Buy had some good deals on a variety of decent guitars. Not so much these days...at least, not where I live.
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

Log off and play yer guitar!

Strap on, tune up, rock out!
Agile from Rondomusic. Their specs for the price are hard to beat. Not sure how it works with shipping to Canada, but it's worth finding out.
what part of canada are you from? If you don't mind buying used, there are usually good deals on kijiji and craigslist
I'd definitely see what you can find used. I've never really looked at schecters, but you should be able to find used 1000 series LTDs that will fit in your budget.
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Fellow Canadian metal guy here, definitely some better deals to be had used, what area are you in?
If you are set on going new, you might want to check out AxeMusic.com, they are a Canadian online dealer - they also have at least one brick and motor store in Calgary. Here are the two models you were looking at from Axe, they are both cheaper and Axe has free shipping usually and Alberta has one of the lowest provincial sales taxes in Canada.

Well if you are willing to go used you are in the right area for gear, if what you want isn't available right now you can wait and it will likely come up. Assuming you are looking for a superstrat type body with a fixed bridge here are some Kijiji listings - if you are open to other shapes - Les Paul or Viper - or to Floyd type bridges then there are more options as well.


A few things to keep in mind is that going used you can often work the price down a bit. Most guitars will be able to play most stuff just use the volume and tone knobs, they may not be perfect but they can get by.

What are you using for an amp, you amp will have much more impact on your tone than the guitar will.
I'm using a Washburn BD12 (for practicing), but people say that I should get a new guitar because the one I'm using is a beginner Peavey Raptor EXP, and I've been using that for 2 years.
You could definitely benefit from a better guitar, but you for sure need a better amp or you aren't going to sound any better with another guitar. I am also assuming that you are using the amp for distortion. You have a few options, you can get one and save up for the other later or you could split your budget and get both now. Assuming you don't want to wait, because who does, there are a few ways to proceed

1. get a good amp with good distortion, something like a 6505+, bugera or randall combo amp

2. get an amp that has a decent clean channel and get a nice distortion pedal that will set you back a couple hundred

3. use your current amp and get a good pedal (or average depending on how much you want to spend on your guitar)

4. go the modeling route like a POD 500HD or similar

what works for you depends on what you needs are, are you happy with the way you sound but don't like the feel of your guitar (prioritize a new guitar) do you like the feel of your guitar but don't like your tone (prioritize an new amp or pedal)

because I know its a nice guitar I would be tempted to go for the Jackson SLSMG

along with a cheaper metal pedal like the Digitech metal master that goes for $50-$60 used all day on Kijiji

If you want to put the money into the amp I would grab some like one of these

and pair it with a low price Jackson JS series or an LTD 50 or 100 series like one of these

If you only want to play in your bedroom, not jamming out with friends then a POD might be right for you, there are a number POD 500HDs on Kijiji for around the $300 mark.

I think that I might go with the 3rd route you wrote. Getting a good pedal to improve the sound of my amp, plus getting a new, better guitar than the one I already have. I'm not sure if in the future I will still want to jam out with friends so I think that I could get a guitar, and if I want to stop playing guitar, then I could sell it, but if I choose to jam out with friends and maybe start a band, then I'll choose another direction. Anyways, thank you so much for helping me out with this! You were very helpful!