Had to take off all my strings on my edge pro to get to the tremolo arm nut to tighten it.

Now ive put new strings on, only problem is that I cant get the bridge to sit parallel to the body now. Whenever I tune up it pull the bridge all the way forward and I cant get it in tune, its a nightmare I havent had this problem before.
I blocked the cavity so it was sitting parallel and the springs cant go any tighter so it wont pull the brige back any more!
How do I go about getting it all in tune?
Have you added more springs?
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Quote by Axelfox
You didn't need to take the strings off to tighten the bar, just press the bar down to lift the back up and there's a set screw back there.
its ok. turns out I accidentally went up a gauge in my strings. I've had to tune it a step down and now have no issue. I believe I went from 10 to 11 with a heavier bottom.
You don't *have* to tune it a step down if you figure out how to adjust the springs. There are springs available with a higher spring rate to balance heavier strings. But DO pay attention to string gauges when you have a Floyd on a guitar; you can't just swap them around the way you can on a hard tail type guitar.