Id like to swich from clean to distortion and back again for a track I'm recording.

How can I do this in reaper? Can I have one pickup for distortion and one for clean?

gravyYelp Are you using amp models in Reaper or what? If so, you'd need some form of MIDI controller to trigger your digital amp models' channel switching, which has been talked about before. Do a quick search. Or look up the brand of amp simulations you are using (Bias, LePou, etc.) and see what they recommend.

If your guitar has separate volume pots for each pickup, you theoretically could set one pickup lower in volume and the other higher in volume. With tube amps, the lower-volume pickup will allow a clean sound as there is less signal sent to the amp causing less clipping (distortion), but then switching to the higher-volume pickup will allow send a stronger signal that will clip the amp. But I am not sure how well that would translate to digital modeling in your computer.

If you are able to do the tracks in multiple takes, just record the clean track, adjust your settings, then record the distorted track.
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