I want some help!!!!

I want a switch so i can switch between:

input 1--------------------input 2
to ---------- OR ---------to
output 1----------------output 2

(when input 1 to output 1 is ON is input 2 to output 2 muted, and vice versa)



nothing more, it very simple but i cannot find any easy pedal like this.
so i thinking of soldering one.
but i really dont know where the wires shold be on the button.
it should be nice with a led-lamp to.

I be glad to find a schematic on this pedal.
Or if someone can paint one.

thank you very mutch!!!!!!!!

mvh carl jenkins
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hope this helps.
its a simple push pull footswitch https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB162u0KVXXXXbMaXXXq6xXFXXXP/100pcs-Lot-Mini-font-b-DPDT-b-font-Latching-ON-ON-Guitar-Effect-Push-Button-Stomp.jpg
(like push pull on guitar for coil tap or whatever)
no need for LED as one signal is always on( iff you insist go google).
as u didnt specify whats it about i asumed only two wires (as u drawe it).
Next time more info about whats going on, what are the input and output?
iff its for pedals go for A/B switch (line selector)..

edit: not intentional swastika, my apologies
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thanks you!!! i will take a clooser look at your scheme!!!

To explain better:
I have a acoustic guitar with a magnetic mic and a condenser mic.
I want the magnetic mic go to a amplifier, and the condenser to the PA.
And i never want them in the same time.
So i want two individual inputs & outputs but in the same pedal.
A to A OR B to B.
i want regular 1/4 jacks and the puschpoll as you linked.

hope you getting it

And it should be good with a LED to know if A-input to A-output or B-input to B-output is on.

but i will test to solder the one your pained for me!!!!

i made another diagram with LEDs for you , it shoud be working (might hear some hissing noise from the pedal). Im not realy electronics guy so the best is try and see iff it will work ,google around and wait iff someone posts some other ideas.
Gud luck with wiring

edit: the orange cubes are resistors (1k-5k shoud work fine)
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